Tile and Grout Restoration: Why You Should Have Your Flooring Prepped for a Staging

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When you’re preparing your home for staging, your attention is usually focused on the paint, the furniture, and the décor. Much of the preparations revolve around these elements because they are the first things that the potential buyer notices when they step into the foyer.

Here’s the catch: even if they are at the top of the house hunter’s checklist, they’re not the only ones that they’ll assess. In one way or another, they’ll scrutinize your floors, too. If they see traces of mold, chipped edges, and dirty grout lines, you’ll be dropped from their shortlists.

As much as possible, buyers are looking for a “move-in ready” home. If your house has fantastic walls but drab floors, they’ll say pass and move on to the next one on the block.

Molds Can Be a Health Hazard

The condition of the tiles is not simply a question of aesthetics; when there’s mold growth, the health of the occupants is put at risk. Mold can cause breathing problems, coughing, and sneezing.

No homebuyer would invest in a home that could compromise their family’s well-being. It doesn’t matter if you’ve installed the best stone countertop in Seattle or hung the works of an up-and-coming Washington artist. If there’s mold, buyers will grow cold. They’d rather search for another property with clean tiles rather than fuss with the mold removal of an old home.

If you spot mold on your tiles as you prepare your home for staging, get in touch with Strictly Tile for mold removal and remediation. Mold usually grows in high-moisture environments, so keep an eye out for your bathrooms and kitchens. Professional work removes every inch of mold and keeps the house visitor-ready.

Discoloration Requires Advanced Solutions

Say, for example, you’ve inspected all tiles and found no trace of mold. The only problem you see is discolored grout, which can also throw buyers off. But that can be fixed with soap and water, right?

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Grout discoloration is caused by something more than just dirt and gunk. It turns yellow or brown because of water absorption or mildew, and some acquire stains because of liquid that has seeped into the grout. Abrasive cleaning agents can also damage grout lines.

In these cases, water and soap are not enough. You might need specialized products to restore the grout. Consequently, you might need the help of professionals. Our team, for instance, will identify the cause of the discoloration and apply the necessary solutions.

If you think a new grout is the best option, we offer epoxy grout, which is more durable and stain-proof. That’s one more thing that you can brag to potential buyers.

Ready on Time

Calling professionals may seem unnecessary, but it will give you the best-looking tiles and grout lines since you moved in. You also have the peace of mind that they can deliver within the deadline and that your house will be ready for viewing.

With your tiles in perfect condition, you’ll feel confident as you show off every inch of your property.

Let’s restore your tiles to their former glory and impress potential buyers. Get in touch with Strictly Tile today.

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