Have A Question? Take a look below at a few of the most common questions people have. If you don’t see the answer you’re looking for here, feel free to give us a call. We will be more then glad to assist you and we have experts ready to help.

Have a Question? Take a look below at some of the most common questions people have. If you don't see the answers your looking for feel free to give us a call. We have experts waiting to help.

What To Expect

The Strictly Tile team lives to create beautiful spaces for homeowners. We also know any size project can disrupt your daily life. That’s why we carefully manage the entire process, focusing on efficiency as well as excellence in every detail. A typical installation can involve the following steps:

The Process


Getting A quote

For a standard kitchen or bathroom remodel, get a quote in minutes with Build-a-Bid. You can even upload photos to show us your vision. If you feel like the project is more involved, or you’re uncertain where to start, contact our planning team and we’ll schedule a visit. Quotes come with no obligation, and you can be assured they’ll be as detailed and accurate as we can make them.


Working with a designer

If you’re looking for a surface refresh backed by experienced advice, Strictly tile can make it happen. But if you’d like to completely transform your space, we’ll recommend a designer who can explore creative options coordinating tile, paint, fixtures, and other treatments. You think it – we can install it. Let your imagination be your guide!


Selecting materials

There’s a world of tile options available. You shouldn’t be restricted by what a single retailer has on hand. Strictly Tile partners with well-stocked wholesale showrooms who’ll introduce you to the best materials for your project.



Once you’ve approved the project plan and selected your tile, we work with you on project timing. At this point, you’ll want to communicate with the project team about your family’s schedule. For example, if Grandma is planning a stay, it’s best not to have the guest bathroom out-of-order. Strictly Tile’s team has the experience to predict with great accuracy how long it will take to complete your project.



Preparing for installation includes removing the surfaces to be replaced. The Strictly Tile team will make sure this is done with care and consideration for the rest of your home. We employ top-of-the-line air scrubbers to keep particulates off your furniture and out of your lungs


Additional contractors

Larger projects often require an electrician, plumber, or handyman – all resources our project team can recommend. When you work directly with our trusted partners, you’ll save money and have the best people on the job at the right time.



This is where the magic happens. Strictly Tile employs some of the finest tile craftspeople in the Northwest. Your project will be completed with an eye for detail and aesthetics. Installation even includes pick-up and delivery of your tile, if we handle the purchase. No need to worry about having the right materials on site, on time.


Inspection and approvals

Throughout the project you’ll be given opportunities to review our progress before the next phase starts. We want you to be pleased with every step.



Strictly tile delivers beauty and strength on every project. The epoxy grout used on ceramic or porcelain tile installation is guaranteed durable and waterproof. This means you’ll never have to seal your grout again! PermaTreat is used on all stone installations, and it includes a lifetime warranty.


Protection and Cleanup

Tile is a messy business, but the Strictly Tile team cares for your home during and after installation. This includes protecting floors, walls, furniture, and cabinetry. And, we never leave without a thorough clean-up to make sure your room sparkles.


Loving Your Beautiful New Space

This final step is all yours! Celebrate your new kitchen with a dinner party, or show off your bathroom when guests drop by. But most of all, enjoy your transformed space knowing it will stay beautiful for decades.

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