Remodeling and Tile Replacement Services

If there’s a space in your house that doesn’t make you happy, let Strictly Tile transform it. You don’t have to live with out-of-date surfaces that are beyond repair. Tile adds style and we’ll make sure it stays beautiful for decades.

transform your space

making dreams reality

While you’re at it, consider how the room functions for you. Have you been dreaming of a larger shower, or a second sink? We’ll help you plan it, and recommend specialty contractors if you need walls moved or plumbing re-routed. And, yes, we’ll tear out your old tile before installation and clean up afterward. Let us know what you’re looking for on our Build-a-Bid page. We can usually get you a quote in minutes. If you’d like to discuss options, contact us.

remodeling for selling

Are you remodeling to rent or sell? Let’s talk about your options. It’s true – kitchens and bathrooms can make the sale, but be careful not to over-invest in a space you won’t get to enjoy yourself. We have the experience to recommend durable and affordable materials that produce stunning results. You may also want to consider a thorough cleaning, repair, and re-sealing of existing tile to bring it back to the look of new.

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