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Tile installation is a messy job producing plenty of dust and dirt that can be harmful to your family. Plus, improper handling of the tiles can lead to breakage, which may affect the timeline and budget of the project.

Strictly Tile offers efficient tile installation services to Seattle customers, from homeowners and designers to general contractors. With our team of experienced tile setters, Strictly Tile delivers a better, more organized installation process from start to finish.

Worry-Free Tear-Out

Strictly Tile invests in top-of-the-line air scrubbers to prevent dust and dirt from settling on your furniture and appliances. This technology minimizes the amount of particles produced during tear-out, keeping your home safe for family members who have dust sensitivities.

Trusted Partners and Contractors

Larger projects may require electricians, plumbers, and handymen. To save you the trouble of looking for separate vendors, we recommend reliable people who can deliver the results you want. Our network of trusted partners ensures that your project stays on time and within budget.

Non-Disruptive Installation Process

We strive to make the installation process as convenient for you as possible. You get to schedule the date of the installation to ensure that you have a chance to prepare. During installation, our tile setters are careful to confine the activity to the smallest possible area to minimize inconvenience.

Whether you’re building a house or adding on, tile surrounds you with style and texture. Create a kitchen that makes entertaining a joy, and bathrooms that help you escape the day-to-day. Be creative – tile upgrades any room, from a smooth entry hall to a feature fireplace.

start to finish

getting it done

No project is too challenging for Strictly Tile. Let us know the result you want, and we’ll make it happen – from tile selection, project planning, and expert installation to grout, sealing, and clean-up. And, if you need the help of an interior designer or specialty contractor, we’ll recommend people who’ll come through for you.

making it easy

Visit our Project Gallery, Houzz, or Instagram for inspiration, then let us know what you’re looking for on our Build-a-Bid page, or contact us. The Strictly Tile project team will plan the details so you’re more than pleased with the end result. If your friends act a little jealous when they come visit – tell them we’d be happy to do the same for them!

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