Now Is the Best Time for Home Improvement — Here’s Why

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2020 is arguably the year you have spent the most time at home. Between city-wide lockdowns, mandatory quarantine, and temporary and permanent closures of many entertainment, food, and leisure establishments, most of us stayed home for the better part of the year. It would be unsurprising if you discovered several issues in your house during this period and realized the time is ripe for home improvement.

If you’re worried that the pandemic might be a bad time for contracting work, don’t be. Now is a great time to book our tile installation services at Strictly Tile. With Seattle being in Phase 2 of Washington State’s recovery plans, we can safely mobilize our crew and resources and work fully-equipped on your property.

The pandemic also makes the following possible, which in our experience are beneficial to homeowners:

  1. You can supervise the project yourself.

One of the main advantages of completing a home improvement project during the pandemic is that you can be there in the flesh. This allows you to be available for a quick question, sign and inspect for materials or to catch a mishap prior to it happening.

Post Pandemic, you would have to ask your employer for multiple days off  or extended lunch breaks.  Which may not pair well with the needs of the contractor. This leads to wasted time or the contractor making a game time decision that you might not be 100% on board with.

Strictly Tile encourages our clients to manage their own project. We help by providing a referral list that cuts out the hardest part of the project. Finding reliable subcontractors. We understand the complexities of what it takes to complete your project and are happy to walk you through these. We’ll then refer you to the right subcontractor. If a question comes up that you the homeowner can’t answer,  we are a phone call away to help guide you through the right course of action.

  1. You can reduce costs by doing some of the work.

If you’re fond of doing DIY projects, you might be interested in doing some of the work yourself. For example, if you plan on having a shower remodeled, The tearout portion of the project is the part that can be handled by the homeowner. This could be done when a much needed break is called for. No better way to release some tension!

  1.     Waiting for “the right time” can take too long.

There’s no telling how long the pandemic will last and how quickly the country can bounce back from it. If you’re waiting for the crisis to be over before improving your home, you could be waiting for a while. Delaying repairs and much-needed installations could also mean more extensive and expensive work in the future.

To help with Covid, Strictly Tile has come up with an estimating system that allows for most projects to be priced through pictures and a few basic measurements. If any follow up questions are needed, our project coordinator will reach out accordingly.

To limit interactions further, Strictly TIle has a link on our invoices to make payments online whether it be for a deposit, progress payment or final invoice. 

We are here to help you with your home improvement safely, during this Covid era!

You can check out our work at our Gallery. You can reach us at 206-475-8883 or contact us to schedule a consultation.

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