Picking Wall Tiles for Your Kitchen: What You Need to Know

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Your kitchen remodeling or renovation project is one of the most expensive projects you’ll ever spend for your Seattle home. According to HomeAdvisor, a kitchen renovation costs an average of $25,167. That’s over $150 spent per square foot! Apart from spending big on main attractions like countertops and flooring, you should also give great consideration to your wall.

Tiles are among the most popular choices because they have a timeless design and are easy to clean. However, there are a lot of materials, colors, and even shapes to choose from. Here’s what you need to consider when picking wall tiles for your kitchen.

The Material

The material of your tile depends on how you use your kitchen and on your personal choice. If you’re placing tiles next to your stove and oven, also known as a backsplash, it’s best to stick with heat-resistant ones like ceramic. Get one with gloss, as it’s easier to clean than the ones with a matte finish.

If you have extra money to spend and want something that matches your recent kitchen countertop replacement, use marble or porcelain. Just be extra careful when using these materials as a backsplash as you don’t want to ruin their natural look with stains.

The Color

If you want something that can fit with any color scheme, white or grey tiles are your best bet. But if you don’t want to go the monochrome path, consult a color wheel. A color wheel lets you find combinations that match perfectly. Common schemes include Complementary, which is made up of colors on the opposite ends of the wheel. There’s also Analogous, consisting of colors and shades that are next to each other on the color wheel.

If you want to spare yourself of color theory, use Adobe’s free color wheel tool to find the perfect combination for your kitchen. If you’ve decided on a color for your countertops, base your wall and floor tile colors on it. Don’t forget to count your grout color, too, to make your wall tiles look extra stylish.

The Shape and Pattern

Tile comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most basic and versatile ones you can get are square and rectangular. But why stop there? You can get tiles in the shape of your favorite flower. There are also ones that come in different patterns like rectangular tiles in a herringbone or basketweave pattern. It all depends on your taste. Talk to your tile contractor to see which options fit your current home design.

Apart from your living room, your kitchen is one of the parts of your home where you often entertain guests. As such, it should always look pristine. For your next project, consider these wall tile factors. You will surely get a lot of compliments with a backsplash that perfectly blends in or stands out.

Get Expert Tile Installation and Replacement

Tiles are beautiful and durable wall materials; however, sloppy installation can easily ruin them. Don’t take a risk; call a professional like Strictly Tile. We are a Seattle-based tile installation company that takes care of every part of the process for you, from ordering to the finishing touches. Our team consists of the most talented tile craftspeople in the northwest; you can expect an outstanding outcome in your kitchen.

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