Building an ADU? Here’s How to Make It Look More Spacious

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Buyers outnumber sellers in the U.S. housing market. Then, the coronavirus pandemic slowed down the construction of more properties, resulting in an even lower supply of homes for sale. These conditions have led to steep competition among buyers in the market, making home prices rise.

But even before the pandemic started, the shortage of affordable housing was already a problem. This is why accessory dwelling units (ADUs) were introduced.

What are ADUs?

ADUs are also known as carriage houses, guest houses, and granny flats. They’re built on the same property as the main house, helping prevent urban sprawl. ADUs are also an affordable form of housing because they leverage existing infrastructure, like an old garage, and they’re smaller than traditional homes but have all the parts of one, so they’re less expensive to build.

If you’re considering building an ADU on your property, one of your main concerns might be the dimensions. Seattle’s local government has different requirements for ADUs, such as allowing only 1,000 square feet of gross floor area for ADUs in single-family homes. They also cannot be more than 25 feet high.

As with tiny homes, it can be challenging to keep your ADU from looking cramped. But with the clever design tricks below, you can make your ADU look more spacious.

  1. Bring in as much natural light as possible

The secret to an airy, expansive home is windows. Whether you put several smaller ones or a couple of huge ones, windows are the perfect medium to bring in natural light, which helps make any space look bigger. You can also opt for a sliding glass door instead of the standard ones used in most homes for an additional source of natural light.

  1. Construct high ceilings

It might not seem like much, but 25 feet is a pretty tall height that you can maximize for your ADU’s ceiling. High, vaulted ceilings draw the eye upward, which helps create a feeling that there’s more space than there actually is. In contrast, low ceilings, together with limited space, can give your ADU a cramped, cave-like feel.

  1. Use light colors in your interiors

Light colors give the feeling of airiness, so, paired with your windows, using light-colored paint and accents can make your ADU seem bigger. Apart from paint, you can install a light-colored stone countertop for your kitchen, place a light-colored couch contrasted with bright-colored throw pillows in your living room, and outfit your bathroom with light-colored tiles, too.

  1. Make space for a mirror

Mirrors not only give the illusion of depth, but they also reflect light. And if you place one strategically in front of a window, it will bounce natural light across your light-colored walls while also reflecting the outdoors. Apart from traditional mirrors, you may use mirrored cabinets so other parts of your ADU will feel more spacious, too.

Your Partner in Designing ADUs

When it comes down to it, light colors and polished surfaces are key to making small spaces like ADUs feel more expansive. So, if you need a team to install light-colored tiles in your kitchen or bathroom, or mount a gorgeous countertop for your kitchen, Strictly Tile is here for you.

Talk to us about your tile installation needs today.

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