Why Fall is the Most Important Time to Repair Your Tile

placing setting tile floor

If you’re like many other homeowners, chances are you’ve neglected the tile in your bathroom or kitchen due to busy summer schedules or more pressing home improvement chores during the warm weather months. But did you know that autumn is the best time to replace grout and repair your tile? Here’s why:

Cold Weather = Closed Windows

With cooler weather, your home gets closed up and less fresh air is allowed to circulate inside your home. Even if you have a decent ventilation system in your bathroom, indoor humidity and more organic particulates can limit the amount of air able to properly dry moisture on your tile. While you can squeegee and wipe down wet surfaces, the growth potential for mold and mildew is much higher in autumn and winter than other months.

More Time Spent Indoors

Once again, cold weather is the culprit here, but only because your family will be spending more time indoors than during the spring and summer. The combination of more movie nights, family dinners, and visitors for the holidays can put significant strain on your bathrooms. Additional plumbing usage and longer, hotter baths and showers can increase the moisture on your surfaces, once again leading to potential problems with mold and mildew.

And if you’re already seeing signs of mold in your grout, the additional time spent indoors means you’ll be breathing more spores than usual, so don’t wait another weekend – call Strictly Tile! Our tile and grout repair specialists can quickly and professionally treat your tile and replace any damaged grout so your indoor areas will be safe and beautiful all winter long. Use the contact form to make an appointment or to discuss your project with us today.

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