The Best Way to Protect Grout from Discoloration

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Discolored grout is unsightly, gross, and potentially dangerous. As grout ages and experiences long-term exposure to water or contaminant, it will fade, change colors, or start growing blotches – let alone the threat of mold and mildew that’s ever looming over your bathroom.

While we’d always recommend a tile and grout specialist’s expertise to ensure a quality finish, there is a way homeowners can protect their grout: sealing it once per year. Here’s how it’s done:

Step 1

Thoroughly clean and scrub the surface of the grout with a grout cleaner. Products are readily available from hardware and home improvement stores and quality will vary, so check their labelling carefully. Use a rigid toothbrush to apply the cleaning solution and scrub rigorously, then rinse. Higher-end products are used by grout restoration professionals, so if yours isn’t getting the job done, give us a call.

Step 2

Strip out any old sealant by using a grout stripper. Results vary by brand, but applying the stripper with a brush and letting it permeate the sealant. After leaving it for the time stated by the specific product, scrub it off and rinse the tile with water.

Step 3

After you’ve treated your existing grout, allow the tile and grout to dry overnight (or the time specified by the product’s labelling).

Step 4

Apply the grout sealer to the grout lines and avoid getting any on the tiles as much as possible. Use either the applicator nozzle or a foam brush – whichever is more comfortable for you. Apply the sealer generously but carefully.

Step 5

Wipe the sealed lines with a clean cloth after letting the sealer dry for 5-10 minutes. Check to see if the sealer comes off in the cloth – if it does, apply more sealer to the grout lines in question. Repeat until all grout line areas are sealed.

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