Our Method


Some believe perfection is unattainable. At Strictly Tile, we disagree. Our method is simple. We are dedicated towards delivering a high class service with perfection as our aim. Our method not only applies to the installation and maintenance of tile, but it encompasses every facet of our business.

Installation and Service

Strictly Tile knows tile and we know it well. No matter if we are working on a new installation or a simple grout repair, we get the job done…and we get it done right. This way, it never has to get done again. We work tirelessly to provide our clients with simply the best tile craftsmanship available. We work with only the best products and we care about performance. Quality is essential to us and we instill it into our services.


Strictly Tile understands that knowledge is power. We stay on the cutting edge of technology in the tile and restoration industry. We constantly research new and improved products and methods to serve our clients better. Of course, we have gained thousands of hours in the field installing and maintaining an ocean of tile projects. But, we are persistent in finding new ways to challenge our foundation of experience.

Customer Service

Our clients are our number one concern. We care about our clients’ needs. We take the time to listen. We take the time to understand. We take the time to offer solutions that work. Strictly Tile wins not only when it delivers an outstanding service, but we win when we earn a client’s trust and confidence. We win when a client refers us to their family, friends, and neighbors. We win when a client becomes a friend.

Consideration and Responsibility

Strictly Tile specializes in quality tile projects for residential clients. We know this means working in homes. We feel honored when a client invites us into their residence. We maintain a consistently high level of professionalism and responsibility in every job that we perform. We provide our services with respect, cleanliness, and consideration.

Strictly Tile is not about providing work for our clients. We are about working with our clients to provide exceptional and lasting solutions.

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