Tile trends in 2013 | Part 2

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Strictly Tile’s last post introduced the tile trends for 2013. These trends can easily be incorporated into your home to achieve that perfect style and feel that you’ve been searching for. We continue our look at this year’s exciting new trends with a focus on texture, mixing, and color.

Texture and Dimension

Textured tiles were often contained to living rooms and were used solely for wonders.  Today, however, the wonder is within the amazing set of options that textured and dimensional tiles can bring to any room of a home. There are a host of available textured and dimensional tiles on the market that can work easily with either walls or flooring. Tile is no longer square and flat. Texture and dimension now dominate.

Mix and Match

Piecing together different types, colors, and patterns of tiles is a huge movement in 2013. The concept is easy. Simply mix and match different types of tiles to create one amazing effect. Mixing and matching brings character and life to almost any space of a home. Tiles can be mixed and matched according to size, color, age, texture, and personal taste.


The use of vibrant, and also subdued, coloring is no longer limited to paint and fabric inside one’s home. Color is making a major comeback in tile and it can be used to add almost any style, effect, and character that your home requires. While neutral colors are always in style, 2013 tile trends place heightened emphasis on blues, greens, grays, and ivories.

Strictly Tile is not just about providing exceptional tiling services for nearly any room of your home. We are committed towards staying ahead of the latest and greatest tiling solutions and products. The tiling trends for this year offer some exciting new products that can easily result in outstanding solutions for your home. Simply contact us today to help turn your home into the trendy, stylish, and sophisticated abode you deserve.


New installation vs. re-grouting

Newly installed tile can look beautiful while also providing a space with a very unique style. However, a new tile installation can be expensive and take time. The truth of the matter is that you can regain both the beauty of your tile and your original style via tile re-grouting. Since pictures speak a thousand words, let’s consider one of Strictly Tile’s re-grouting projects.

re-grouting beforeBefore Strictly Tile

This is a shower wall prior to Strictly Tile’s re-grouting efforts. The wall itself had an enormous amount of water damage. In fact, tiles would move or fall off the wall simply by poking at them. The grout was in extremely poor condition. It was moldy, discolored and decayed. The soap dish on the wall was also on the verge of falling out.

re-grouting afterAfter Strictly Tile

This is the same shower wall after Strictly Tile completed its re-grouting. The tiles are clean and new grout has pieced the tiles together like glue. Mold is gone. Discoloration is gone. Cracks and decay? Gone. The soap dish on the wall has been put back firmly into place. Please also keep in mind that this “After” picture was taken two years after Strictly Tile completed its original service. Our re-grouting work is made to last.

Let Us Help

Strictly Tile is not just about new tile installations. We can re-grout, clean grout, re-seal grout, and we also specialize in epoxy installations. All of these services can make tile projects, in any room of your home, look like new. Our grouting rehab & maintenance is performed using a high performance and durable grout that is both stain proof and compatible with ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone.

We also have a very streamlined and efficient process for grout rehab and maintenance projects. Via our Quick Quote Form (found on our website), we can provide you with an estimate for a grout rehab and maintenance project in a matter of hours. All you need to do is complete this form, take and upload a simple picture of your existing tile, provide any pertinent details, and send it our way. We will have an estimate to you in no time. Once we finalize our estimate, Strictly Tile can have a skilled team member to your home in typically two to three days to complete any and all grout rehab and maintenance issues.

Granted, new tile installations can do wonders for a home. However, re-grouting can perform the same magic. Re-grouting is also less expensive, less intrusive, and can be completed faster than a new installation. If you want to quickly spruce up a space in your home; or, want to find a way to make a project work under budget, think about re-grouting as an option. Don’t forget to also contact Strictly Tile so that we can ensure that this option is right for you.

Design ideas for your kitchen backsplash

Selecting the right colors for your kitchen can be difficult. Outfitting your kitchen with quality appliances can be challenging. Designing the perfect backsplash that is right for your kitchen? Well, this task might be just a bit overwhelming. As always, Strictly Tile is here to help. Please take a look at our top three tips for designing your perfect kitchen backsplash.

Play with Placement

Backsplash tiles are often envisioned on the back wall of a kitchen directly under cabinets. This is definitely fine. However, don’t feel like your limited to this placement.

Kitchen Backsplash (2)Many new kitchen designs are getting creative when it comes to placing backsplashes. Tiles can easily be used to emphasize or accent an architectural feature in your kitchen (e.g., a range hood). They can climb kitchen walls. Placement can also vary in terms of heights and tile shapes. The key is to play with different ideas and avoid the normal visions of where a backsplash should be.

Explore the Possibilities

Given the vast array of today’s tiles, you have many options when it comes to designing a backsplash. Of course, this can be a little intimidating. But, be brave and explore the multitude of options that are at your disposal.

In this process, consider using an assortment of different tile sizes, colors, and finishes.  You may also consider adding a metallic backsplash that adds light and attention behind stoves and countertops. If you prefer an artisan look, explore the idea of adding a mural. If a stylish and modern look is what you’re after, think about using glass tiles. The point is to have fun with your backsplash. Explore your options and make your dream kitchen into a reality.

Coordination is Key

Most kitchens have their own unique style. Your particular kitchen might wear the label of traditional, contemporary, or eclectic. No matter the style, work to ensure your backsplash coordinates with this style. Try to create one unified kitchen ambiance.

Designing a perfect backsplash for your kitchen is a little like finding that perfect painting for your living room wall. Both are difficult tasks. But, rest assured that they can be done. If in doubt, simply contact Strictly Tile today and let us help cast your doubts aside.

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