Five Ways To Make Your Bathroom Easier to Clean

Are you sick of scrubbing your floors and breathing in harsh chemicals every time you clean your bathroom? While most people like having a clean bathroom, few enjoy the actual cleaning process. If you are looking for some foolproof ways to make your bathroom easier to clean, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few pro-tips for simplifying your bathroom cleaning process.

Seal Your Grout

If you don’t remember the color your grout is supposed to be and you still aren’t sure after hours of scrubbing, you may consider steam cleaning and sealing your grout. This process works in two steps: first, our team will professionally deep clean your tile and tackle dirty and moldy grout. Then, we can seal your grout lines with Perma Treat, which creates an impenetrable layer between your grout and external elements. This process improves your space’s integrity and will keep tile looking new for years to come with simple routine cleaning.

Mitigate Mold

Taking small steps to mitigate mold in your bathroom can avoid a big cleaning hassle down the line. Because mold thrives in damp places, making an effort to reduce excess water in your bathroom and improving circulation can significantly reduce your risk of mold. Some best practices to mitigate mold in your bathroom include:


Refinish Your Bathtub

If your tub is off-color or showing signs of age but you do not want to replace it, you may consider refinishing your bathtub. This process essentially gives your bathtub a facelift without having to do a large-scale bathroom remodel. When you opt to refinish your tub, it gives it a new, clean feel which you can maintain with routine cleanings rather than the having to do intense deep cleanings on the regular to make even a slight improvement.

Maintain Your Drain

Drain maintenance is key to simplifying your bathroom cleaning process. Rather than flooding your tub with chemicals when it gets clogged, take a few small steps on a regular basis to avoid huge backups that can only be fixed with heavy-duty chemical cleaners. Some drain maintenance best practices to implement include:

  • Using mesh screens over shower and bathtub drains (and all drains in your house) to catch hair and other particles before they make their way into the plumbing system and cause a clog.
  • Pouring boiling water down your drain regularly to eliminate soap scum build up
  • Teaching your children about drain maintenance and explain what should and should not go down the drain.


Get Organized

While scrubbing floors and clearing drains are often the most dreaded parts of cleaning, organizing your bathroom can also be an uphill battle. Implementing some space-saving solutions or using other organization strategies can help declutter your bathroom and leave your space feeling fresh and clean. Some optimal options for organizing your bathroom include:

  • Streamline your medicine cabinet. If you have a bunch of old prescriptions bottles or five bottles of tylenol with three pills in each, consolidate your items and declutter your cabinets to make more space.
  • Get creative with towel storage. If your bathroom is jam-packed, consider using a different space in your home for storing equal towels or implement simple cabinets, hangings and boxes to make the most of space you already have.
  • Leverage wall space and simple hanging solutions. Whether you have teenagers with makeup products everywhere or you have more cosmetics than you care to admit, bathrooms full of makeup, hair products, and other beauty supplies can get cluttered quickly. Equipping wall space and other unused spaces with hanging hardware and simple storage solutions can help you declutter and maximize your space.


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