How to Keep Your Tile Looking Newer, Longer

When you update your home’s tile, you’re making an investment in your house’s value. Once you have made the investment of time and money to improve your home’s tile, you are probably hoping not to have to do it again in the near future. However, sometimes life gets in the way and maintaining your tile isn’t always at the top of your to do list. While not all tile is made equal, there are several ways to keep your tile clean, safe, and looking new for many years to come.

Choose High Quality Tile

Like many things in life, sometimes it’s worth paying a little more initially for higher quality products like ceramic tile that will last for years to come. That way, you can avoid having to update and replace your tile in the near future and thus the higher quality material essentially pays for itself. There are many things to take into account when choosing tile for your home, including material, design, size, how it will fit into your homes overall aesthetics, and more. Opting for tile that is a bit higher quality initially may serve you in the long run, as it will be less likely to be damaged over time.

Perma Treat Seal

Top notch tile is a great start, but using a high quality sealing solution is a great way to make your tile essentially last forever. At Strictly Tile, we use Perma Treat as our sealing solution because this professional grade solution will seal your tile and make it nearly impenetrable for dirt, water, and other damaging substances. We use this product because it comes with a lifetime guarantee for waterproofness of your stone and tile surfaces. When a professional applies Perma Treat to your tile, it is protected for life and backed by professional support. That means you’ll have new looking tile for years to come with just routine cleanings for maintenance.

Nothing Can Replace Routine Cleaning

If you have strong tile and an impenetrable seal, your tile should be set for years to come. These high quality products, however, do not make your tile immune to dust, pet hair, and other substances that come with living in your home. Quick routine cleanings are a great way to remove dust and dander to renew your tile’s shine. When you choose our team for your tile needs, we’ll equip you with tile that can look new forever, as long as you’re willing to give it the occasional once over with a sponge and quick sweep with a broom!

For kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor areas, and what have you, tile is a great solution for your home. Taking steps such as choosing good tile, applying quality sealer, and keeping up with routine cleanings are great ways to keep your tile looking clean and new for years to come. To learn more about Strictly Tile and our tile solutions, visit our website today!

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