The team at Strictly Tile understands that home owners may have a host of questions prior to embarking on a new tile project, or even on a simple maintenance project. Our team is always here to help. The following provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions that Strictly Tile receives. If your question is not listed below, or, if you don’t find an answer you’re looking for, simply contact us and let us help.

I am interested in a tile remodel, but I’m not certain as to the specific tile type, design, or pattern I want. Can Strictly Tile help?

Of course. Please look through the gallery of pictures on our website for inspiration and ideas. If the pictures do not address your specific needs, simply contact us and we can meet at your home to discuss ideas and solutions for your specific project.

Strictly Tile can also refer you to excellent designers. We understand that design services can be quite expensive. Our goal is to reduce this expense. This is why we refer excellent designers that provide design services on an hourly rate. You can’t beat a top notch service for less dollars.

Please also keep in mind that Strictly Tile works closely with several wholesalers. Once again, this means outstanding service for less. Depending on your specific project, we may be able to get you the items you want at a discounted wholesale price.

What is the most important feature to consider when selecting a tile?

The tile’s durability. You want a tile that will last. This means finding a tile that will withstand the age and abuse that it will be subjected to.

Your wishes also play a crucial role. Homeowners should be happy in their homes. They should enjoy the peace, elegance, and artistry that their homes can provide. Strictly Tile believes in working with homeowners to transform dreams into reality and problems into lasting solutions.

Why should I remodel my tile rather than seek a quick fix for my existing tile?

Quick fixes are just that. They may temporarily freeze problems, but they will never solve them. Both a quality tile remodel, as well as, quality tile maintenance can add years and value to your home.

Do I really need new tile installed or will re-grouting my existing tile do the job?

This ultimately depends on your specific project. But, there are specific advantages to opting with re-grouting as opposed to a new tile installation. Re-grouting, and even the installation of epoxy, will provide lasting results. This will allow you to postpone a potential remodeling project for years. Re-grouting and epoxy installation also quickly provides a fresh and newer look to nearly any room of your home.

Keep in mind that Strictly Tile is not just about new tile installations. We can re-grout, clean grout, re-seal grout, and we also specialize in epoxy installations. All of these services can make tile projects look like new. In fact, we utilize some of the best products available for this particular service. Our grouting rehab & maintenance is performed using a high performance and durable grout that is both stain proof and compatible with ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone.

Strictly Tile can typically complete a grout rehab and tile maintenance project in one to two days. Some projects may require additional time due to existing tile condition and the presence of any moisture issues. Please also note that Strictly Tile is not about rushing a project just so we can move on to another client. If a project requires additional time and service, we will provide it. We take great pride in going above and beyond in our efforts in order to get a job done right.

How quickly can Strictly Tile provide me with an estimate?

The best answer is to contact us. Strictly Tile is 100% dedicated towards providing our clients with outstanding tile services and complete customer satisfaction. We also value your time. Our goal is to provide estimates in a quick and efficient manner.

We can easily come to your home to learn more about your specific project. We are flexible in scheduling appointments. We can easily work around your schedule. Depending on your specific project, we can provide a same day estimate or have one to you within days of meeting.

Strictly Tile also uses our Quick Quote Form so that we can get you a reasonable estimate, in a short amount of time, with no need to schedule an appointment. We use this form for all of the services that we offer, including services for: bathrooms, kitchens, fireplaces, floors & entryways, and grout rehab and maintenance. Simply complete the form, provide a short description of your specific project, and upload any helpful photos.

Once we receive your information, we will provide you with an estimate as quickly as we can. For simple projects, our goal is to get you an estimate within a few hours. For larger projects, please note that we might need to follow-up to gain additional information so that we can better serve you.

What about an estimate for a grout rehab and maintenance project?

We have a very streamlined and efficient process for grout rehab and maintenance projects. Via our Quick Quote Form, we can provide you with an estimate for a grout rehab and maintenance project in a matter of hours. All you need to do is complete this form (found on our website), take and upload a simple picture of your existing tile, provide any pertinent details, and send it our way. We will have an estimate to you in no time. Once we finalize our estimate, Strictly Tile can have a skilled team member to your home in typically two to three days to complete any and all grout rehab and maintenance.

Does Strictly Tile remove existing tile prior to a new installation?

Yes. We provide safe and clean tile removal services prior to any new installation.

I have purchased tile on my own. Will Strictly Tile install it?

Definitely. Strictly Tile is dedicated to providing our clients with perfection. This includes installing the tile of your choice.

How long will a tile installation project take to complete?

Every tile installation or maintenance project is unique. While we cannot provide a uniform time frame for every tile project, we can provide flexibility in terms of scheduling a time to meet with you. Once we better learn your wishes and goals, we will work tirelessly to get a project done to fit your needs.

With this said, we use a five to seven day benchmark as a typical time frame for completing a new tile installation project. Consider, for example, new tile installation for a basic bathroom that requires new tiled flooring for a 100 sq. foot space, a new tiled counter top, and new tiling for three walls (or, a basic shower space). We can typically get this project successfully completed in five to seven days. Of course, your specific project will vary from this benchmark. But, we believe it is useful in providing a more specific time frame as to when a project gets a “mission complete” stamp of approval.

Will I have use of my home during a tile installation or maintenance project?

Yes. Strictly Tile performs all of its work with the utmost professionalism, cleanliness, and consideration for you and your home. We work hard to avoid and limit any inconveniences that a new tile installation or maintenance project may cause.

Given the specific nature of a project, certain portions of a home may be of limited use during a new installation or maintenance. For example, a complete bathroom tile renovation may mean that the specific bathroom will be inoperable for a few days so that work can get completed and tile products can properly set and dry. How long will this inoperable period last? Once again, every tile installation or maintenance project is unique. However, we seek to get the job done right while minimizing inconveniences to you and your home.

Why should I choose Strictly Tile over another tile installer?

Strictly Tile takes every effort to place our business in an elite class of installers. We strive for perfection and deliver on our promises. We work tirelessly and endlessly to ensure our clients are not just satisfied with a final product, but love it. We have taken great efforts to place ourselves in a special and elite class of installers that homeowners, and contractors, want, but never can seem to find.

Our team takes the time to understand your needs. We spend our energies so that we can bring your vision to life. We are not about getting a project done simply so that we can move onto the next one. We go above and beyond, and take every extra step, to ensure we get our clients what they want and deserve. In essence, Strictly Tile is about getting a job done right!

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