Why We Choose Perma Treat

At Strictly Tile, we take the craftsmanship and care of tile throughout your home very seriously. We also think about how our products and services affect the people and the world around us. That’s why we stick to Perma Treat for cleaning and lasting maintenance. Perma Treat is more than a sealer, it is a lifetime guarantee for the waterproofness of your stone and tile surfaces.

Countertops Are Covered

As most customers who have previously bought granite can tell you, these natural surfaces get dull and dirty quickly. Without the proper sealer covering the surface, most sealants will wear off within a few short months, leaving homeowners to re-seal surfaces in their kitchen every year. The Perma Treat seal leaves your kitchen countertops feeling just as smooth on the surface as they ever did. Say good-bye to trapped dirt and bacteria, hello Perma Treat.

Keeping Kitchen and Hallway Tile Clean

Even if you wanted to DIY your home remodel, it is a good idea to call in a professional to prepare, clean and seal your flooring. The surest way to see wear and tear over time is through the change in grout color. What was once white collects dirt and dust until it becomes a dark gray or black. Our team stops the discoloration before it even starts! If you’ve already noticed the change, our professional grade cleaning solution will have it looking as good as new in no time, and allowing for just a simple clean to get it back to new again for as long as you own it.

Preserve Your Private Haven in the Bathroom

Imagine a walk-in, tile covered shower area with rain showerheads coming from the ceiling to complete the feel of your little oasis. Then think about how much time you need to scrub all the grout clean. Dirt and grime love to accumulate in the bathroom and shower. The Perma Treat layer of protection seals uneven surfaces throughout the bathroom to prevent dirt from burying itself under the surface in your home spa. That means, this product has the power of cutting your bathroom cleaning battle in half. While the warranty doesn’t mean you’ll never have to clean again, it makes cleaning significantly easier by keeping the dirt, grime, and soap scum on the surface from burying itself in your bathroom.

Outdoorsy Types

When inviting the neighbors over for a BBQ or throwing a member of your family a surprise birthday party out on the back patio, the last thing you want to worry about is the mold and mildew that collects during the year. Perma Treat is the answer to outdoor moisture and humidity. Once a team of professionals has cleaned and treated your patio area, you’ll wonder where Perma Treat has been your whole life.

At Strictly Tile, we know how much of an investment our homeowners make to bring out the beauty in their homes. Specialty materials such as porcelain, marble or granite are sure to catch the attention of any visitor and improve the overall appeal of a home. By investing in the right maintenance tools, your home holds on to that fresh look and feel for years without a backbreaking cleaning and scrubbing regimen. Perma Treat offers a lifetime warranty on all indoor surfaces and a 15-year warranty on outdoor services. Visit our website today to learn how we can make Perma Treat your solution!

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