Caring for Tile in Fall and Winter: Best Practices

There are many household chores required of the average homeowner during the fall season. Preparing the home for the possibly damaging effects of cold, ice, and snow during the winter can be a lengthy, but necessary, process. After all, if you don’t invest the time in preparing for inclement weather and its impact on your biggest investment, you may end up paying the price come spring. Your interior tile is very likely one area of your home that can benefit from some extra attention during the cooler fall months. Not only can you help protect a beautiful and likely expensive investment by maintaining it each fall, you can also check one major project off the list of things you have to clean to prepare the interior of your home for holiday gatherings!

Clean Tile Should Look Like New Tile

Because one of the most efficient means of cleaning tile is using a steam clean process, performing this routine maintenance in the fall makes sense. It is cool enough to allow for the professional use of steam in your space without that impacting your energy costs via your air conditioning system. However, it is also still warm enough to allow for open windows to provide excellent air circulation during the steam cleaning process. If you don’t own a steam cleaner, you can rent one from many chain grocery stores, big box stores, and home improvement stores.

How to Steam Clean Your Own Tile

First, you’re going to want to sweep up the area you’re going to clean. Follow this up by wiping down the tiling with a soft cloth, such as a towel or microfiber cloth, to remove any additional dust or spider webs that may have accumulated over the year.

Next, fill the water tank on the steam cleaner with distilled water. The steam cleaner should have a microfiber cloth that attaches to the head for tile cleaning. Now is the time to apply that. Plug in and turn on the device. Allow it to heat up, which can take anywhere from thirty seconds to five minutes.

Use the trigger on the handle of the steam cleaner to release the steamed water through the microfiber cloth you attached. Move the steamer over the tile in a similar manner to mopping. Move slowly across the surface, paying special attention to high-traffic areas and corners. If you are cleaning a backsplash or a tub or shower area, wipe down the sections with a towel or dry microfiber cloth immediately after steaming them to remove soap scum and other dried-on detritus. If you need to refill the water tank or clean or replace the microfiber cloth, unplug the steamer before doing so.

Work in an organized manner across the surface, starting in one area and ending in another. Steam cleaning is both efficient in terms of time and energy used for cleaning and in terms of how much dirt, mold, and other unwanted accumulation can be removed in a single cleaning session.

The removal of mold and other allergens can do a lot to keep the interior air in your home safe and clean throughout the dry, cold winter months. Steam cleaning your tile can also make the inside of your home sparkle, making it easier for you to prepare for the holidays and the influx of traffic they bring to your home.

Sometimes, It Pays to Call the Professionals!

Cleaning newly installed tile can be a simple, if protracted and physically demanding process. It requires some specialized equipment as well as patience and physical stamina to manually move the steamer across the surface (to say nothing of getting down on your hands and knees to wipe areas). If your tile is older or has aging or stained grout, it may be easier and more time and cost effective to call in professional help to prepare your tile for the winter.

Removing stains from grout or getting rid of old grout and replacing it with new grout can be exhausting, time-consuming activities for the average homeowner. Working with tile professionals can ensure that the process is done quickly, efficiently, and to the highest professional standards. Nothing can destroy the beauty of a tiled space like improperly applied grout. Don’t cut corners by trying to do this labor-intensive project yourself and end up with an unsightly mess! Deciding to let those with the experience and best equipment for the purpose of tile cleaning and grout replacement is one of the best decisions you can make when it comes to tile maintenance. 

Whether you have a tiled bathroom floor or shower area, a tiled kitchen backsplash or floor, or tile as flooring or decorative touches in other spaces, such as entranceways or fireplaces, Strictly Tile can help you maintain and clean your tiles surfaces!  If your grout is older or was poorly installed, Strictly Tile can also provide you with professional, high-quality work when it comes to removing the old grout and installing new grout.

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