Strictly Tile is an elite tile company that specializes in the design, installation, and revival of quality tile projects for residential clients throughout the Seattle area. Strictly Tile is owned and operated by Kris Trees. Kris is not only an artist with his craft, but he brings to a project years of unique and exceptional experience.Kris has been delivering tile services to residential clients for over a decade. He entered the industry at the age of 17 while working in the realm of general housing construction. Here, he gained on the job training with new construction methods and processes. He provided a host of construction services that included framing, carpentry and foundational support.

At the age of 20, Kris fully entered the world of tile and began providing custom tile services for a Seattle based general contractor. He worked on residential homes both new and old. He provided tile work for bathrooms, kitchens, fireplaces, floors, and entryways. He also maintained and restored existing tile.

While still in his early 20’s, Kris began his own tiling company, Kris Trees Granite, Marble, and Tile. At the time, Kris had several years of experience in working with a range of general contractors and sub-contractors. Some were bad while others were good. Some made mistakes while others sought to prevent them. Some hardly worked while others worked hard.

Kris used this experience and insight to create a new business passionate about delivering a higher standard of performance to his clients. He modeled his business in a way that sought to surpass the good he saw while also taking great efforts to avoid the bad. Essentially, Kris envisioned perfection. Why should a business be routine when it can be remarkable?

Kris’ passion and performance continue today and his new business name, Strictly Tile, reflects the perfection, artistry and high quality he consistently strives for. Kris works with a hand-selected team of craftsmen who aspire to the same level of perfection Kris has cultivated for years. This allows him to attend to jobs of any caliber – from simple grout repair to complex new tile installations.

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