3 Secret Benefits of Tile Flooring

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Tile is a beautiful, natural material that boasts many aesthetic and tangible benefits, as we’ve talked about many times in the past. However, there are a few little-known reasons why tile is the perfect alternative to other flooring materials that homeowners should investigate before making a purchasing decision.

It’s Healthy

Tile flooring is manufactured with non-volatile materials in high-temperature kilns, which can be a big boost to your home’s indoor air quality. Cheap and shoddy wood flooring performs with mixed results in that regard and carpet is a perfect breeding ground for dangerous particles, so if members of your home are sensitive to poor indoor air quality, tile might be the perfect solution. Plus, tile that’s glazed with antimicrobial agents can reduce the growth potential for bacteria on the surface of the tile itself.

Fire Resistance

Ceramic tile, unlike many other flooring materials, is highly-resistant to flames and high heat. It won’t burn or emit toxic fumes, which will prevent the spread of house fires and won’t scorch or become discolored when exposed to hot surfaces. Even lit cigarettes, overturned candles, and hot pans or skillets won’t damage glazed ceramic tile, making it a great choice for use in kitchens or even for fireplace surrounds.

Long-Lasting Appeal

Did you know that ceramic tile is resistant to fading? Whereas hardwood, vinyl, and carpet will all lose their hue and sheen after long-term exposure to direct sunlight, ceramic tile won’t fade or lose its color under the same circumstances. With proper care and upkeep, your tile floor or countertop will retain its original appearance for many years. Glazed flooring is also resistant to scratching and water damage – great for kitchen floors that see a lot of activity.

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