3 Incredible Advantages of Tile Flooring

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Tile flooring doesn’t just look and feel great – there are plenty of other benefits that many homeowners don’t realize when deciding between carpeting, tile, linoleum, or hardwood. Especially during home remodels and new constructions, selecting the right flooring material for your home could increase the value of your property and protect your construction materials for years to come.

1. Longer Lasting

Compared to hardwood or linoleum flooring materials, tile is much more durable and reliable material for use over a long period of time. Maintenance on tile is easier, as it doesn’t require sanding or replacement like hardwood. Both ceramic and porcelain tile are known for their durability and resilience, but without proper, professional installation, the material’s lifespan will be dramatically shortened.

2. Healthier for Your Family

Thanks to a high-temperature kiln used in the production of tile flooring panels, the end result contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can have negative affects on your home’s indoor air quality. Many adhesives and grouts contain very low levels of VOCs, meaning the impact of your flooring materials on your indoor air quality could be next to zero. Try finding a carpet that can do that.

3. Responsible and Green

Many tile brands are offering recycled tile material, meaning either the ceramic or porcelain used in the product is manufactured with majority previously-used materials. Furthermore, many production facilities are closed loop, meaning they reuse water and materials, sending only a miniscule amount of waste to landfills.

If the cold weather is causing you to take a hard look at your flooring options, contact the tile installation experts at Strictly Tile today. We can plan and implement a beautiful, functional tile flooring, accent, or feature that increase the emotional and financial value of your home for years to come. Give us a call or use the contact form to learn more about our process today!

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