Bringing Your Vision to Life

StrictlyTile assures an extraordinary experience from start to finish. Whether you’re attracted to ceramic, stone, or solid surfaces we have you covered. If you need to bring the luster back to your existing tile, we do that, too.

More Than Just Tile

We’re more than just tile experts. We’ll create a project plan based on your goals and budget; help you select the right materials; deliver an estimate with flexible options; and design a schedule around you. We want you to brag about the results and the care we put into every project detail


With Strictly Tile, you’re working with the finest tile craftspeople in the Northwest. But you’re getting much more. Our expertise makes the difference from project planning and material selection to the final finishing touches. We’ve designed the process around you, and it starts with an estimate that includes cost-control options. In fact, if there’s a way to complete your project better and faster, we’re doing it.


We’re all about transforming spaces – from creating breathtaking installations to bringing vintage tile back to life. We’re also transforming the installation experience. Our team brings planning, precision, and artistry to projects of any size in Seattle and the Puget Sound region.

Our Difference

Depending on what you have in mind, Strictly Tile can connect you with trusted designers, contractors, and handymen to make your project complete. We also partner with PermaTreat, the people behind the latest technology in sealing and protecting tile and solid surfaces.






Installation Process Designed Around Your Needs

We’ve created a 4-step process, from inquiry to installation, to make the entire project convenient and non-disruptive for your daily routine.

Describe your vision for your tiling project either online or onsite. You’ll receive an estimate for the labor and necessary materials to complete the work. The estimate will be broken down, so you can understand where your money is going.

Once you’ve accepted the offer, You’ll also get a referral list of specialists necessary to complete the project, such as plumbing, electrical, and handyman services. You’ll be able to connect with the specialist directly to schedule their services. We’ll guide you through which specialist will be needed and what to ask for when calling.

After choosing the perfect tiles, you’ll receive a deposit invoice for 50% of the total project amount. Once the payment is settled, We’ll handle ordering, pickup and delivery. We then can set a start date based on tile lead times.

We’ll complete the tear-out using our air scrubber, which makes the project inhabitable during construction. We’ll inform you when to schedule the necessary contractors to ensure that the timeline runs efficiently. We’ll prep the area, install tile, grout, then seal. Following the completion of the tile installation the remaining specialists will come in and wrap up the final pieces to your project.

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